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On Saturday 11th March 2017, the members of Dihun Breizh gathered in AG in Pontivy, proposed for the first time 2 presidents to lead the Federation. A collegiate candidate who mostly seduced the members of the Board who elected: Laurent Feger, President of Dihun Plabenneg, and Chantal Clément-Poulet, who had already, as President, allowed the Federation to become a recognized partner and listened to Of the different regional and academic bodies, and with the Catholic teaching bodies. Nathalie Peronno, President of the association Dihun Santez Anna Pleskob will act as treasurer and secretary. This way of working will make it possible to broaden the democratic process, to encourage younger people to assume responsibility by being accompanied and supported, and thus to ensure continuity at the head of the Federation.
The renewal, the youth and the experience, is the challenge to face the stakes to come for the Federation which now has 19 pole associations and employs 3 employees. We thank Sonia Le Merrer who decided to give up her place as President that she had been assuring for three years. We are also grateful to Jean-Michel Baron, from Dihun bro Redon, who also left us after twelve years, where he was able to exercise various responsibilities in the office and in the Board of Dihun BREIZH.


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Creation of associations

School of Saint Theresa Dihun Bro An Alre  

association école Ste Thérèse

A new association was born in the premises of the private elementary school St. Therese. Besides parents, the meeting was attended by principals, teachers and Yann Le Corre, director Dihun Breizh.

During the constitutive general assembly, the bureau was elected: Corinne Vincent took the chair and Béatrice Duval, the vice presidency. Christophe Sorin was appointed treasurer and Emilie Harnois will provide the secretariat.

Made up of parents of bilingual courses of Auray Locoal-Mendon, Carnac and Saint-Gildas college, bro Dihun year Alre main purpose is to promote and develop learning the Breton language in and out Catholic schools by organizing demonstrations and events. It will also enable these institutions to unite around the bilingual project. The number of students is increasing steadily. The language is not treated as a separate subject: it is both subject and language teaching for different subject areas in accordance with official programs and as part of the school project.

source : © Le Télégrammehttp://www.letelegramme.fr/morbihan/auray/ecole-saint-therese-l-association-dihun-bro-an-alre-est-nee-28-04-2016-11047641.php#closePopUp#e537Z1b8HGsQJYZl.99

Dihun Treger An Aod A new pole was created

bureau Dihun TReger An Aod

Recently, in agreement with the Rector, Dihun evolving into an organization of poles, to be closer to schools and families. In the Côtes d'Armor, Dihun Bro Fisel, pole Rostrenen, already exists, Dihun Lannion cluster is being created as Dihun Guingamp pole. The purpose of the meeting was to create an association of countries Dihun gathering the Catholic schools of Upper Treg having a bilingual stream. The new association will replace Dihun 22 of this sector. The schools are St. Mary of Rospez; Saint-Yves, Perros-Guirec; Jeanne-d'Arc, Lannion; Notre Dame, Treguier and St. Joseph Bossuet colleges, Lannion and Saint-Yves, Treguier.

Hiking and picnic Sunday, June 19
During the meeting, the new association has adopted a new name Dihun Treger An Aod, ie "Dihun of Treg from the coast or shore" and a board of directors composed of Odile Nerzic , President (Odile Nerzic school St. Mary of Rospez and St. Jo college Lannion); Nathalie Bucheton, Secretary (Saint-Yves school Perros); Anne-Hélène Le Gall and Cossais Vincent, co-treasurers (Jeanne d'Arc school, Lannion, Saint-Yves school Perros). To unite and reunite families around the bilingual stream, a hike followed by a picnic on the area of Roche-Jagu is scheduled Sunday, June 19


To follow the events related to the association or obtain information, find Dihun Treger An Aod on Facebook or by email, odile.nerzic@free.fr.

© Le Télégrammehttp://www.letelegramme.fr/cotes-darmor/rospez/dihun-treger-an-aod-un-nouveau-pole-cree-10-03-2016-10986732.php#4Ufk10JPxypWxkj6.99

Creation of the association Dihun Santez Anna Pleskob

bureau Santez Anna Pleskob

Many parents attended the association meeting Dihun Santez Anna, what has greatly commended Pierre-Yves Le Bourhis, director of the institution which has a fifty students in a bilingual section.

The association Dihun Santez-Anna recently established (Telegram of 22 April), aims to promote the teaching of the Breton language private school St. Anne, and the Breton culture. It represents parents and the bilingual stream from the school. Monday night, members of the Board of Directors met to elect their officers in the presence of many parents and Yann Verney, in charge of the Breton language at DDEC (Diocesan Directorate for Catholic Education) and Yann Le Corre , representing Dihun Britain. Pierre-Yves Le Bourhis, Director, emphasizes that this association is a real opportunity to promote the bilingual stream from the school, which is doing well. The office is composed of Nathalie Peronno for president, Patrice Triviaux-Frenet as Vice President, Sandrine David to cash, with Barbosa-Diasomme Virginia as an assistant, Anne-Maud Burban the secretariat, with Mikaël Le Mouel as deputy.

source : http://www.letelegramme.fr/morbihan/plescop/dihun-santez-anna-nathalie-peronno-presidente-07-05-2015-10620396.php

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