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Breton in trades - Brezhoneg er micherioù   

du breton dans les métiers

Breton can be talked in all trades...

All trades can practice speaking Breton, or because it's part of the job, as the professor, either because it brings more to the profession. What matters above all is the professional competence, motivation and interest in the chosen profession. The skills required are primarily those in the art considered. Then, Breton will give a "thumbs up" to get the job.

... But it is in the teaching that there is the most opportunity.

The majority of positions is with children: in education, especially for functions of teachers or maintenance staff and service, and entertainment amenities. Then it is the associations that employ the most Breton for management, secretarial, accounting, communications, etc. The cultural sector also offers opportunities as a translator / trice, bookseller, collector / trice stories or songs, etc. Then come journalism, broadcasting and publishing. The Breton language also affects trades to elderly and those shops. Companies promote communication Breton because it is good for their image.



Create its activity in Breton, it is possible !
Trainees who are trained in the Breton language often choose teaching. Others want to join the corporate world.

Franck Charruau et Cédric Laur

 Franck Charruau and Cedric Laur, managers respectively Chrysalis and Roudour two Scop, one on employment and the other in learning the Breton language.

Two SCOP (cooperative and participatory society) - Chrysalide, hosting entrepreneurs, and Roudour, organizing training Breton language - chose to collaborate for the benefit of employment for Breton.
This initiative is part of a simple observation: if the majority of students in Breton choose teaching as a professional outlet, some opt for other routes, always involving the practice of Breton. "Occupations which we could use, such as graphic designer, cites as an example Cedric Laur, Manager of Roudour, we certainly would favor for our publications."

A wide range of professions

But it is never easy to take the step of entrepreneurship. A solution closer to Chrysalis, cooperative activities and jobs that rightly accompanies entrepreneurs. "We provide all the logistics in legal, accounting, tax and we are in business contractor on commercial, marketing or management," says Franck Charruau, manager of Chrysalis.
Currently, 190 entrepreneurs of the computer to the seamstress, to the editor or consultant are well accommodated with specific versions for the building trades, or those of the individual assistance due to special legislation .
To better understand the opportunities that may be available, both cooperative structures organize a meeting in the incubator Tuesday, April 22. A meeting of two parts; the first devoted to the presentation of Chrysalis, based in Quimper but radiating throughout the county, the other in the form of debate activities could be created in the Breton language.

Contact : 02 98 99 75 81 ou degemer@roudour.com

source : http://www.ouest-france.fr/creer-son-activite-en-breton-cest-possible-2230787

Catholic teaching.
A Cape Breton childhood

CAP petite enfance en langue bretonne

From left to right: Yann Verney, coordinator regional bilingual education CEIC of Brittany, Lena Louarn, Vice-President of the regional Council of Brittany, Soaz Maria, of the training centre Stumdi, Stéphane Gouraud, Diocesan Director of Morbihan and for wheel, Director of the study and development of the public of the Breton language Office Pole.

Catholic education educated in Britain 5,000 students in its bilingual chain. These numbers continue to grow, with growth of 3-4% per year. In most institutions, the bilingual teacher is assisted, in kindergarten, a monolingual francophone ASEM, particularly in the Morbihan. However, when ASEM is speaking, as often in Finistère, the language practice of children is better and the bilingual project is reinforced. Therefore, to improve the level of language of children, Catholic education put in place, from the start, in partnership with the AREP Bretagne, Stumdi training centre and the Mervent association, a full itinerary of skills provided at three sites: valves, Douarnenez (29) and Morlaix (29). This specific training and qualification is intended for anyone who wants to turn to the trades of childhood in breton: the ASEM or even the minders of the educators of young children or even of territorial agents. A Cape childhood in bilingual class presented yesterday in the offices of the DDEC (Diocesan Catholic Education Directorate) by Lena Louarn, Vice-President of the regional Council of Brittany, dealing with language policy, and Stéphane Gouraud, Diocesan Director of Morbihan, President of the Steering Committee regional languages of the CEIC of Britain.

Source: http://www.letelegramme.fr/bretagne/enseignement-catholique-un-cap-petite-enfance-en-langue-bretonne-02-07-2014-10239037.php


Ar brezhoneg, ur chañs evidout /
Le breton, une chance pour toi

Lena Louarn

Lena Louarn

Vice President of Brittany, loaded language of Brittany

Ar chañs da gomz brezhoneg zo gant muioc’h-mui a re yaouank rak pep hini a c’hell kavout e blas evit deskiñ ar yezh hag ober ganti goude. Gant e vignoned e c’heller brezhonegañ met er vuhez vicherel ivez... 
More and more young people the chance to speak Breton because there are a thousand ways to learn and speak it every day with his friends but also in professional life ...

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Why learn Breton today ?

Rémy Guillou
Rémy Guillou
IInspector Inspector educational academy Regional Academy of Rennes (Regional Languages and Cultures)

To prepare an interesting learning a language of the future profession: that's what the special issue devoted to business Onisep Breton present. In the fields of education, culture, journalism, publishing, early childhood ... we lack professionals who speak Breton

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